Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arabic Numbers 81 And 18 In Palm Of Hands

Blog Candy winner

To me you're crazy! You had the opportunity to choose an object of desire and what do you do? Waste it asking for my novel, more easy to find. Well then I'm curious to see who wins this giveaway, for which I even learned org to use Random!
There's even a day in dance hobby, I do not exclude that we can do anyway, even if it proves successful, a tutorial (ahhhhahha that risk, I do not use the tutorial, I created a case!), While some have asked for my next novel (which hit confidence, please do), but above all I really found much love from all of you, I have to cuddle with your great comments, thanks!
I'm happy because I think you've seen how much heart and imagination inventing these games put out by any scheme already proposed in other blogs, to feel close to all! Then
comments 1 to 11 check the No chronological order of publication, which was further staggered by Franz and Pasita who have written two comments each. Finally you're 23. And now
12 PASITA !!!!!!!!!!
really Please forgive me, but when attempting to copy the multiplication table of random org has deleted the numerino generated! I would have shot!! Be
'I told you that I am stressed ... and I also was raised so far to extract now!
Let me read a little 'what he wanted as a reward ... ohhhh Pasita wanted to participate in the day proposed by Mara incartesimo hobby, and on that day to buy my book.
right, It now needs only to organize the event.
Where? How? When?


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