Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Ilaria writer (by popular demand)

I have not many certainties, but those few are granite.
I think contemporary writers are not too decrepit to be asked, particularly as a good storyline. Once
was not so: "The Betrothed," which is history?
Two nerds want to get married, a bully tries to stop him. Stop. But there is the whole social context, fever, providence, an important linguistic research, and snap it becomes a masterpiece. Today
not getting into the thin, sells people who can not write, but the story like it. Stop.

Here's what he told the editor about my new manuscript Shortcake The patchwork quilt :
You're right, it is written a little 'better than biscuits, but has many flaws and some of them serious, so we fix it, though not as heavily in the first. Just to name a few: the three voices are not sufficiently differentiated, the which strongly affect the formula for choral novel, especially a child seems scarcely credible that marketers and middle-class ..., the punctuation is all to review, as well as the vocabulary (the terms are completely wrong, in many sentences There are repetitions, etc..) and also the syntax sometimes limps.

Shortcake In the intervention in the text (true editing) was not as heavy as she says now. But this is not the point. What is that degrades did not even mentioned the story, it functions, it is now, as "slut shovel" want to see how it goes forward. Rather than tell me "I do not public!"
(If you are interested in the speech "editing" I invite you to return to the post of December 7).
Instead, in his words, I've proved a good seller (thanks to you my friends!) So here's his answer: she does the editing and I buy 200 copies, which I have no problem to sell.
Perhaps afraid of losing: an author's debut comes on the ninth over 200 titles published without any pushing or other knowledge perhaps, but maybe just maybe wrote something decent.

The girl who takes care of middle-class marketing and here it is: Carolina eleven beautiful alarm.
His mother, the female protagonist, has a gift shop, party and asks her advice: keep or not a new puppet Jean Le Chien, Carolina says:
"no, this is the Jean Chien, did not convince me at all, is nice, but with that air frrrrrrrrrrranscese R grind the middle class and farewell hate sales!"

E 'in one sentence, that I could remove, and is, in my opinion, a claim that a girl could do!
11 years I've read "Holocaust."
This thing is so serious as to affect you so much for your rating?

I said, I have few certainties, but I have at least 3 unshakable:
- a good plot is essential, given that my criticism was not going well I suppose (otherwise would massacre even that)
- I can write
- I'd rather do the photocopies and distributes them for free on the subway, but the proposal did not accept it! And now
fucilatemi also with my manuscript on the narrow heart!


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