Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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communicative impairment

Individuals with impaired expression and social understanding, have a similar impairment in the understanding and use of certain aspects of language. Despite the common social deficit, however, these disorders can have significant variations in the specific impairments and communication linguiistiche actually occur.
As pragmatic deficits are a natural consequence of the impairment of social cognition in individuals with SA / AHF, should be regarded as the last common denominator of language and communication problems encountered in these disorders.
Just as the quality of the output of a computer can not be better than the proogramma and input, in much the same way the use of language deficits that are observed in people with SA and AHF reflect the quality input they receive during communicative interactions. But the analogy ends here because humans are far more complex computer.
As such, the output is based not only on human understanding (receive) input (most of which involve information of a social nature which move rapidly and constantly changing) but also the ability to process this information in efficiently (Early) and effective (significant) in order to make judgments and behavioral adaptations for the output (expression). This is no small task, given that individuals with SA / AHF show sociocognitive impairments in bases that govern this type of decision behavior sociocomunicativo.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Are Yak Metal Cores Good?

Life is a gift (?)

I can not stand those who say that life is a gift. I can understand that it will be incredible mechanisms, but do not say that is a gift.
It 'an opportunity, yes. It comes into the world without desire, satisfying the dreams (or duties) of someone else. Then we grow, we discover, learn.
But where it grows? How? Be Lorenzo, an Italian child maybe son of an entrepreneur. You can be Sarah, the daughter of a Texan with a criminal record and that maybe one day you abuser. Or you can be Zao, a Chinese boy born and grew up in Linfen, one of the most polluted cities in the world. And finally you can be Olga, a Russian girl child of parents engineers.
For them the meaning of life is not the same, for them the meaning of the gift is not the same. Lorenzo likely will study in a private school and when they exceed the age of 20 will work with his father. Lorenzo become a father, because he can afford it. Lorenzo will travel for a lifetime, whether for business or pleasure. It will have two houses for all seasons and smiles for sale. Zao will probably die at the age of 35 after developing cancer due to inhalation of coal. Zao has given birth to a baby girl. It's called Ping, has internal malformations. It will not time to walk to meet his father because he will not be.
Go and find and tell her that life is a gift.
Have a nice trip in Texas at the home of Sarah, who has since been beaten to blood. Now she is 12, round hips, breasts growing. At his father like this and has waited so long for her child could have this aspect. Bring a box of chocolates, the best in the world and sussuratele ear that life is wonderful, and his childhood was irreparably destroyed. Olga
meanwhile took piano lessons from one of the best teachers in Moscow. Become good and famous. His three children will be proud of her, as well as his four grandchildren. That day Bassey
be dying on the streets of one of the thousand African citizens. There is civil war. Two machetes have brutally wounded in the head. Bassey is 11 years old, he lost all his life before the two brothers kidnapped, the mother raped and killed by guerrillas in front of her husband. He too is dead, shot him in the throat. Go to
Bassey, kneel down and watch it in the face while the soil is impregnated with his blood. Listen to her breathing, her legs still tenetegli dry and athletic. Tell him that life is a gift and that is beautiful.
Then get up and go home. It 's Christmas, there are dozens of gifts to make. There Sales are down in the center. In less than 15 days to purchase two tickets for a concert of your favorite artist. One for you, one for Paula. Maybe ask to get married and she will accept. The world will be on your side. Can you see your 80 years seniority to live decent and close your eyes between the covers of a large hospital where everything works. Your was a good life.
Zao, Bassey and Sarah, meanwhile, applauded far against the ...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Difference Between Rj-11 And Rj-11b

Frontiers - The Edge of Hell The

I say Vive la France.
This morning I opened my eyes very soon, it must have been 06:30. I did not sleep, I felt rested. After drinking
un caffelatte, con più caffè che latte, ho disegnato. Ed è trascorsa un'ora.
Verso le 08:15 ricordo di avere un film, un film francese, un film horror francese. Decido che voglio vederlo.
Lascio sul tavolo fogli e matite, regalo un paio di carezze alle mie gatte, lancio un'occhiata verso la mia compagna che dorme e mi siedo davanti allo schermo del mio Mac.
Metto le cuffie, regolo la luminosità e dò inizio alla proiezione. La casa nel frattempo, a parte qualche miagolio, è immersa nel silenzio.
La pellicola in questione è: Frontiers - Ai confini dell'Inferno.
C'è un parallelismo iniziale che va sottolineato ed è di carattere politico/sociale. La discriminazione, ma soprattutto its consequences.
The Paris of the anti nationalistic disputes by minority shareholders against the North African pronazista by the "family" with which the unfortunate bad actors have to do during their escape.
From what our heroes escape? First, retaliation by the city that caused one another seriously injured. There is also a booty to look after, the result of a robbery in place once taken advantage of the chaos of the city. So, two good reasons not to be there and go elsewhere. Yes, but where?
to the border, far away, perhaps in an inn.
But who has managed the inn? From a large family of Nazis, led by a war veteran.
This, in short, is the plot of the film. Let's personal opinions.
Start with the merits, because the defects list is something I love to leave at the end.
fine performance, both the so-called good and the bad guys without a doubt. Each has proved to be ideal interpretation of his role in obtaining full marks. Directed
impeccable and intelligent, he knows when to switch the machine stops and the shot in the shoulder that fully exploits the rules of long-range and detail. Photo
impeccable colors often in stark contrast, effective in scenes with less light. Light that is managed wisely and taking advantage of the natural and artificial indoors.
perfect music per ogni situazione. Non memorabili ma meritevoli per la loro presenza al fianco delle immagini e non sopra di esse. Dal punto di vista funzionale, danno una grande mano alle sequenze.
Trucchi e Make-up da urlo. Ogni scena di sangue è assolutamente verosimile, mai esagerata, ma soprattutto mai "tirchia" nella qualità e nella quantità.
Effetti speciali. Se non ricordo male ce ne sono soltanto due ed entrambi realizzati in modo eccellente, specialmente quello legato alla scena dell'ascensore. Non aggiungo altro, tranquilli.

Passiamo ai difetti, non eclatanti, comunque presenti.
Finiamola col paragonarci agli altri. Nel film è chiara la citazione a " The Texas chainsaw massacre" più comunemente conosciuto as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." I'm tired of all these tributes to cinema of the past, films that have made history and all that has been and is now indisputably works. I want new stuff, new stories, new ideas. I do not give anything if they can show that in France "to do it '. Here in Italy, even though for decades we have done it (shame), we managed to give a stamp of our national genera represented. I refer to the Comedy, the Western and Italian horror. In France seems to be almost out of a desire to "improve" and not to recreate or rewrite. The only exception to that grant the pearl is "A l'Interieur. Close parenthesis.
Another thing that I'm not totalmente fiero, è il montaggio del film. Più di una volta si assiste a noiosi passaggi stile videoclip dove in tre secondi percepiamo almeno 5 inquadrature intervallate da bagliori degni del peggiore Marylin Manson. Basta!
Infine i personaggi dei cattivi, ognuno diverso dall'altro, schematicamente diverso dall'altro. L'anziano nazista nostalgico, la moglie muta ed assente con un tubo collegato alla trachea, il figlio maggiore ( si presume) in atteggiamento e tenuta militare, il secondo mezzo ribelle, il terzo ciccione e guarda caso custode di un porcile e macellaio di conseguenza. Stessa sorte per le figlie. La maggiore ninfomane e misteriosa, la seconda dallo sguardo perennemente corrucciato con manie di persecuzione ed inferiorità, la third (acquired sister ...) completely timid, childish and curved. I would have liked
nuances rather than net tone, but especially a greater similarity of character that would make their relationship believable. Almost never the "family" that appears. Most of the time look like fools who are given an appointment.

And after listing the pages clear and dark pages (De Gregori forgive me) I do feel compelled to defend this film is a cinematic example of courage. I would have liked a greater authenticity in analyzing ethical / moral / political / human problem of 'race', a problem which the film is clearly saturated, but they are not small defects me to desist by the condition (frighteningly speaking) for this product. We should take note of here, where everything is now a talk back. The policy has been the culture of the past, the art of past centuries ....
If you have the opportunity to watch it, do it. If you have not, find him.
I'm going to prepare the milk for my half, woke up in the meantime. She looks at me with sleepy eyes.
For her, the day starts now. I started more than two hours ago and in that way then ....