Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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communicative impairment

Individuals with impaired expression and social understanding, have a similar impairment in the understanding and use of certain aspects of language. Despite the common social deficit, however, these disorders can have significant variations in the specific impairments and communication linguiistiche actually occur.
As pragmatic deficits are a natural consequence of the impairment of social cognition in individuals with SA / AHF, should be regarded as the last common denominator of language and communication problems encountered in these disorders.
Just as the quality of the output of a computer can not be better than the proogramma and input, in much the same way the use of language deficits that are observed in people with SA and AHF reflect the quality input they receive during communicative interactions. But the analogy ends here because humans are far more complex computer.
As such, the output is based not only on human understanding (receive) input (most of which involve information of a social nature which move rapidly and constantly changing) but also the ability to process this information in efficiently (Early) and effective (significant) in order to make judgments and behavioral adaptations for the output (expression). This is no small task, given that individuals with SA / AHF show sociocognitive impairments in bases that govern this type of decision behavior sociocomunicativo.


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