Monday, April 13, 2009

Are Yak Metal Cores Good?

Life is a gift (?)

I can not stand those who say that life is a gift. I can understand that it will be incredible mechanisms, but do not say that is a gift.
It 'an opportunity, yes. It comes into the world without desire, satisfying the dreams (or duties) of someone else. Then we grow, we discover, learn.
But where it grows? How? Be Lorenzo, an Italian child maybe son of an entrepreneur. You can be Sarah, the daughter of a Texan with a criminal record and that maybe one day you abuser. Or you can be Zao, a Chinese boy born and grew up in Linfen, one of the most polluted cities in the world. And finally you can be Olga, a Russian girl child of parents engineers.
For them the meaning of life is not the same, for them the meaning of the gift is not the same. Lorenzo likely will study in a private school and when they exceed the age of 20 will work with his father. Lorenzo become a father, because he can afford it. Lorenzo will travel for a lifetime, whether for business or pleasure. It will have two houses for all seasons and smiles for sale. Zao will probably die at the age of 35 after developing cancer due to inhalation of coal. Zao has given birth to a baby girl. It's called Ping, has internal malformations. It will not time to walk to meet his father because he will not be.
Go and find and tell her that life is a gift.
Have a nice trip in Texas at the home of Sarah, who has since been beaten to blood. Now she is 12, round hips, breasts growing. At his father like this and has waited so long for her child could have this aspect. Bring a box of chocolates, the best in the world and sussuratele ear that life is wonderful, and his childhood was irreparably destroyed. Olga
meanwhile took piano lessons from one of the best teachers in Moscow. Become good and famous. His three children will be proud of her, as well as his four grandchildren. That day Bassey
be dying on the streets of one of the thousand African citizens. There is civil war. Two machetes have brutally wounded in the head. Bassey is 11 years old, he lost all his life before the two brothers kidnapped, the mother raped and killed by guerrillas in front of her husband. He too is dead, shot him in the throat. Go to
Bassey, kneel down and watch it in the face while the soil is impregnated with his blood. Listen to her breathing, her legs still tenetegli dry and athletic. Tell him that life is a gift and that is beautiful.
Then get up and go home. It 's Christmas, there are dozens of gifts to make. There Sales are down in the center. In less than 15 days to purchase two tickets for a concert of your favorite artist. One for you, one for Paula. Maybe ask to get married and she will accept. The world will be on your side. Can you see your 80 years seniority to live decent and close your eyes between the covers of a large hospital where everything works. Your was a good life.
Zao, Bassey and Sarah, meanwhile, applauded far against the ...


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