Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which Is Better Barska Or Bushnell

Carnival! But tell me I'm not a perfect Minnie? (The height is!)

A double celebration (first birthday and Carnival) to the small Gabry. The theme: Mickey Mouse.
My goal: a beautiful mask spending very little.
Fun guaranteed.
Here I am, one of my favorite summer dresses, paired with heavy socks and long sleeved black shirt, which perfectly simulates the skin, highly versatile dancers to which I applied rosettes than those used for gifts, have remained ; perfectly attached to the end of the party, make-up very easy, in practice I had to buy only the ears and the little purse.
wonderful festival, I did all afternoon with her aunt Nanni a funny pirate.
I told you I was in pure phase of regression, are now in free fall towards the pure childhood!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Second Hand Hd Projectors For Home Theatre

I wish you all the initiatives to which I joined, and I launched. The names of the participants are not linked, anyone who would like more info, just for curiosity, write a comment and will be satisfied.

Exchange books brought to me, now closed, all of which were while I still have to receive from Franz (hello Franz, I'm not scolding, you're so dear) and Monikina (and I'll never get!). Sal
a thought for you from the corner country, me and my combined Katia (Katia is lovely combination very lucky we've heard via sms) we decided to send every 3 months and we are ready, I will put in the package also in April, being nice and done (it's my novel!)
I recently joined the Swap Spring Luisa, I have some idea, but I did not put anything into practice. The participants
play for 3 end of January have received my creations, and wrote some great posts.
I received from Maya, while waiting to receive Franz and ... HELP, I call because I can not remember to whom I wrote the comment in order to participate, maybe it's also a blog that I visit every day. Girls are terrible, who knows give me a hand Thank you!
I'm making bookmarks for the Calicanto , my initiative to promote this wonderful Bed and Breakfast and Boutique in Switzerland, hoping to stay there one day. I do not know Nicole personally, she is a blog friend. Since the blog I have received so much help for my biscuits, I decided to reciprocate with those who had perhaps need publicity.

And now my dear friends, since fat is Saturday in Milan, I'm going to disguise!
I leave you with no doubt as to which is my costume!
'll put the photos, I do not know when.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Open Crotch Wresting Suit

casual jobs in progress ... and here's how the new act stress

Dear friends, building on the advice of all, you've posted 10 comments to my post "Ilaria writer," for which I thank you enormously, I first sent an email to the editor that is still considering my manuscript, and had pledged to give me an answer at the end of March.
Here is the text: Dear Ms.

I'll contact you in early April.
You are already forming a united front to make sure buyers, through my blog
who enjoyed my first novel and I would be following in the web addirittura disposto a comprare il manoscritto in fotocopia.
Si tratta un centinaio di persone minimo.
Questo per VS. informazione riguardo il possibile esito della pubblicazione con Voi.
Grata per l'attenzione ringrazio e porgo
Cordiali saluti.
Ufficio Intrastat
(e qui casca l'asino!! Ho firmato la mail con la denominazione dell'ufficio, non ci credo, me ne sono resa conto quando l'ho copiaincollata per metterla nel blog!)
Così ho inviato una nuova mail a rettifica, sperando che la Sig.ra abbia il senso dell'umorismo!
Ai primi di aprile vi relazionerò sull'esito. Siamo al classico "o la va, o la spacca".
L'editore in questione so per certo che non chiede any compensation, or public or private. Stop.
If it were not, perhaps after the summer, we find other ways to activate, Julia will do the editing, the other will collect signatures in support, e. .. in some way try to bring home the result!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Panty Girdle Sharking


Sometimes I ask to be more creative, or rather, to show what I create. Unfortunately lately I create very little, and I hate to take photos, so my posts will be reduced to little hobby thing. However there are those who create
for 2, look what a beautiful card made Giulia sparkling?
(click on link above e seguitela, il blog è attivo dal 2006 e se siete a corto di idee o, semplicemente volete curiosare tra card, tag, scrap, troverete una quantità infinita di post creativi!!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Liver Failure How Long To Live

Thanks Lulu and Lili

Questo post di ringraziamento si aggancia perfettamente col precedente e mi riempie il cuore di gioia scriverlo! Vi invito a curiosare per scoprire cosa dice Lili di me, ma non solo: troverete anche un blog da seguire con piacere come faccio io!
Aggiungo che il manoscritto massacrato è già al vaglio di altri editori, ma sono un po' negativa a riguardo.
Segnalo anche il blog di Lulu (buffo: Lili e Lulu due so sweet and similar names) who sent me an email pretty much full of praise for my novel.

Many thanks to Lili, Lulu and all the blog friends who are supporting me and who have bought my book just because they have seen the banner somewhere!
girls I know are repetitive, but I do not believe that all this is happening!

Pregnancy Birth Anime

Ilaria writer (by popular demand)

I have not many certainties, but those few are granite.
I think contemporary writers are not too decrepit to be asked, particularly as a good storyline. Once
was not so: "The Betrothed," which is history?
Two nerds want to get married, a bully tries to stop him. Stop. But there is the whole social context, fever, providence, an important linguistic research, and snap it becomes a masterpiece. Today
not getting into the thin, sells people who can not write, but the story like it. Stop.

Here's what he told the editor about my new manuscript Shortcake The patchwork quilt :
You're right, it is written a little 'better than biscuits, but has many flaws and some of them serious, so we fix it, though not as heavily in the first. Just to name a few: the three voices are not sufficiently differentiated, the which strongly affect the formula for choral novel, especially a child seems scarcely credible that marketers and middle-class ..., the punctuation is all to review, as well as the vocabulary (the terms are completely wrong, in many sentences There are repetitions, etc..) and also the syntax sometimes limps.

Shortcake In the intervention in the text (true editing) was not as heavy as she says now. But this is not the point. What is that degrades did not even mentioned the story, it functions, it is now, as "slut shovel" want to see how it goes forward. Rather than tell me "I do not public!"
(If you are interested in the speech "editing" I invite you to return to the post of December 7).
Instead, in his words, I've proved a good seller (thanks to you my friends!) So here's his answer: she does the editing and I buy 200 copies, which I have no problem to sell.
Perhaps afraid of losing: an author's debut comes on the ninth over 200 titles published without any pushing or other knowledge perhaps, but maybe just maybe wrote something decent.

The girl who takes care of middle-class marketing and here it is: Carolina eleven beautiful alarm.
His mother, the female protagonist, has a gift shop, party and asks her advice: keep or not a new puppet Jean Le Chien, Carolina says:
"no, this is the Jean Chien, did not convince me at all, is nice, but with that air frrrrrrrrrrranscese R grind the middle class and farewell hate sales!"

E 'in one sentence, that I could remove, and is, in my opinion, a claim that a girl could do!
11 years I've read "Holocaust."
This thing is so serious as to affect you so much for your rating?

I said, I have few certainties, but I have at least 3 unshakable:
- a good plot is essential, given that my criticism was not going well I suppose (otherwise would massacre even that)
- I can write
- I'd rather do the photocopies and distributes them for free on the subway, but the proposal did not accept it! And now
fucilatemi also with my manuscript on the narrow heart!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kates Playground 2010 Post

Yes, travel

do not know if this thing I am going to ask is easy or difficult.
, Let us not, but let's start actually, not metaphorically. Yes, you read that right, barring unforeseen circumstances, from March 26 to April 3 will be on vacation!
I give some clue:
in Italy, was not mentioned in the list of March 1. I will
2 stages:
were shot in the first few scenes of a famous film, while the second I do not care who you tell me the name of the city or country, but just the place, because it's a blog.

How about good?
I do not know if you win something, maybe in 50 and I guess I would spend all the money for your holiday premietti. But it's always nice to play together or not?

Monday, March 7, 2011

What Abbreviation Sgcc Sheet

March 8

Sorry, I did not really want to write something for this party that is losing more and more meaningful every year!

Less mimosas
more dignity!

Meno mimose
Più lavoro!

Meno mimose
Più uomini che fanno i mestieri di casa!

Meno escort
Più donne!

Alla fine il post l'ho fatto!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Windows Blind Cant Uninstall

saving ideas Ilaria

Ho deciso che non è normale prendere a calci gli autobus, essere stremata alle h. 21 del sabato sera tanto da non riuscire a parlare (io che non parlo??!!), mettersi a piangere ascoltando una canzone dei REM.
Ho deciso di correre ai ripari, cominciando da oggi. Anche perchè nel frattempo sono successe un paio di altre cose assai stressanti (uno of these events I'll tell you later because it relates to Ilaria writer and would like to share).

First, I have given a break in this place, which I liked very much and I recommend
will find pancakes, maple syrup , bagel sandwiches and space, centrifugal much fruit and many other delicacies USA. Staff friendly, tables a bit 'strettini, but this is the only downside to a place very special.
It 'really the ideal place for four (percent) of women talking. After

that, and here, alas, missing photos and the site is too confusing to link, so you'll settle for my description, I've donated:
Snoopy slippers, color and fabric type gray suit. Very comfortable and my style.
Yogi T-shirts sold in combination with a little purse, perfect for putting those little things always spread on the exchange.
I was very torn between Yogi and Penelope Pitstop. But you remember "the craziest race of the world?"
I reckon that I'm regressing, I continue to write posts about cartoons of the time that was, however, since Oysho replicated them in his clothing, I think I'm in good company.
It 's that kind of intimate little loved by men, just for this much loved by me, that I have the closet full.

Soon I'll tell you what other initiatives I have undertaken to avoid being flat-spotted on the pavement by a driver that I respond in kind!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alpine Cda-9885 Diagrams

Thanks Cristina C. # comments

A quick post to thank Cristina and report his post. Today I have a thousand commitments, there is a pale sun, but I fear it is chilly. I assure you that I'm studying something nice for you!

good weekend everyone, from your heart always Ilaria!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mettalic Bag, How To Wear, Blog

Get well soon, very soon indeed

I had written in his head a long post to accompany this photo, then I reset everything and decided to be as short as possible.
A person I know for some time, I ordered the book during a friendly pranzone Seriate (see post of 21 February), I have not had time to bring it and something very bad has happened that has left everyone aghast. So, after being the Excogita to get hold of the biscuits (also sent to Christine Franz, and if items do good tomorrow will come) I decided to give away, accompanied by the card you see. I got very few copies of my novel, for a variety of reasons, but this time I did it willingly, and delivered her daughter who immediately put hands in their pockets.
I stopped and we hugged.
; ; Get well soon Grace!
PS. For the card: the writing is done with embossed markers, too bad my handwriting is not much. I like the idea but much of the paper passed into the flower button. The paper tapes are part of the set "curls of paper" or the qwilqualcosa, a hobby which I had thought about Julie and passion after attending a stage favors, discarded after a few creations. The set presents him to us, a knowledge of the other for a birthday, so making the same gift, which, in our lives has happened 2 times!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sd Sony Conversion Memory

a little prize loyalty 'symbolic

Today I want to give a loyalty bonus to Franz!
Franz was established in early 2011: My comments on any post or so, I wrote affectionate mail, and it looks like we will put it all to prove what keeps me!
guess know it all, but I remember with pleasure his blog full of incredible card.
I really loved the idea that Franz never sleeps, seeing what can be produced.
And here's what you will receive from me. It is just 3 bookmarks very beautiful though, the legendary Fabriano paper, depicting a detail of the reproduction of the map of 3 cities. I think that is symbolic for 3 reasons: Fabriano in the Marche region, home to Franz, the 3 cities want, in my opinion, symbolizes the national unity that we celebrate this year, and the bookmark is a small object that I love very much to the obvious appeal the read / write.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arabic Numbers 81 And 18 In Palm Of Hands

Blog Candy winner

To me you're crazy! You had the opportunity to choose an object of desire and what do you do? Waste it asking for my novel, more easy to find. Well then I'm curious to see who wins this giveaway, for which I even learned org to use Random!
There's even a day in dance hobby, I do not exclude that we can do anyway, even if it proves successful, a tutorial (ahhhhahha that risk, I do not use the tutorial, I created a case!), While some have asked for my next novel (which hit confidence, please do), but above all I really found much love from all of you, I have to cuddle with your great comments, thanks!
I'm happy because I think you've seen how much heart and imagination inventing these games put out by any scheme already proposed in other blogs, to feel close to all! Then
comments 1 to 11 check the No chronological order of publication, which was further staggered by Franz and Pasita who have written two comments each. Finally you're 23. And now
12 PASITA !!!!!!!!!!
really Please forgive me, but when attempting to copy the multiplication table of random org has deleted the numerino generated! I would have shot!! Be
'I told you that I am stressed ... and I also was raised so far to extract now!
Let me read a little 'what he wanted as a reward ... ohhhh Pasita wanted to participate in the day proposed by Mara incartesimo hobby, and on that day to buy my book.
right, It now needs only to organize the event.
Where? How? When?