Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Get well soon, very soon indeed

I had written in his head a long post to accompany this photo, then I reset everything and decided to be as short as possible.
A person I know for some time, I ordered the book during a friendly pranzone Seriate (see post of 21 February), I have not had time to bring it and something very bad has happened that has left everyone aghast. So, after being the Excogita to get hold of the biscuits (also sent to Christine Franz, and if items do good tomorrow will come) I decided to give away, accompanied by the card you see. I got very few copies of my novel, for a variety of reasons, but this time I did it willingly, and delivered her daughter who immediately put hands in their pockets.
I stopped and we hugged.
; ; Get well soon Grace!
PS. For the card: the writing is done with embossed markers, too bad my handwriting is not much. I like the idea but much of the paper passed into the flower button. The paper tapes are part of the set "curls of paper" or the qwilqualcosa, a hobby which I had thought about Julie and passion after attending a stage favors, discarded after a few creations. The set presents him to us, a knowledge of the other for a birthday, so making the same gift, which, in our lives has happened 2 times!


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