Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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a little prize loyalty 'symbolic

Today I want to give a loyalty bonus to Franz!
Franz was established in early 2011: My comments on any post or so, I wrote affectionate mail, and it looks like we will put it all to prove what keeps me!
guess know it all, but I remember with pleasure his blog full of incredible card.
I really loved the idea that Franz never sleeps, seeing what can be produced.
And here's what you will receive from me. It is just 3 bookmarks very beautiful though, the legendary Fabriano paper, depicting a detail of the reproduction of the map of 3 cities. I think that is symbolic for 3 reasons: Fabriano in the Marche region, home to Franz, the 3 cities want, in my opinion, symbolizes the national unity that we celebrate this year, and the bookmark is a small object that I love very much to the obvious appeal the read / write.


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