Saturday, March 12, 2011

Second Hand Hd Projectors For Home Theatre

I wish you all the initiatives to which I joined, and I launched. The names of the participants are not linked, anyone who would like more info, just for curiosity, write a comment and will be satisfied.

Exchange books brought to me, now closed, all of which were while I still have to receive from Franz (hello Franz, I'm not scolding, you're so dear) and Monikina (and I'll never get!). Sal
a thought for you from the corner country, me and my combined Katia (Katia is lovely combination very lucky we've heard via sms) we decided to send every 3 months and we are ready, I will put in the package also in April, being nice and done (it's my novel!)
I recently joined the Swap Spring Luisa, I have some idea, but I did not put anything into practice. The participants
play for 3 end of January have received my creations, and wrote some great posts.
I received from Maya, while waiting to receive Franz and ... HELP, I call because I can not remember to whom I wrote the comment in order to participate, maybe it's also a blog that I visit every day. Girls are terrible, who knows give me a hand Thank you!
I'm making bookmarks for the Calicanto , my initiative to promote this wonderful Bed and Breakfast and Boutique in Switzerland, hoping to stay there one day. I do not know Nicole personally, she is a blog friend. Since the blog I have received so much help for my biscuits, I decided to reciprocate with those who had perhaps need publicity.

And now my dear friends, since fat is Saturday in Milan, I'm going to disguise!
I leave you with no doubt as to which is my costume!
'll put the photos, I do not know when.


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