Sunday, March 6, 2011

Windows Blind Cant Uninstall

saving ideas Ilaria

Ho deciso che non è normale prendere a calci gli autobus, essere stremata alle h. 21 del sabato sera tanto da non riuscire a parlare (io che non parlo??!!), mettersi a piangere ascoltando una canzone dei REM.
Ho deciso di correre ai ripari, cominciando da oggi. Anche perchè nel frattempo sono successe un paio di altre cose assai stressanti (uno of these events I'll tell you later because it relates to Ilaria writer and would like to share).

First, I have given a break in this place, which I liked very much and I recommend
will find pancakes, maple syrup , bagel sandwiches and space, centrifugal much fruit and many other delicacies USA. Staff friendly, tables a bit 'strettini, but this is the only downside to a place very special.
It 'really the ideal place for four (percent) of women talking. After

that, and here, alas, missing photos and the site is too confusing to link, so you'll settle for my description, I've donated:
Snoopy slippers, color and fabric type gray suit. Very comfortable and my style.
Yogi T-shirts sold in combination with a little purse, perfect for putting those little things always spread on the exchange.
I was very torn between Yogi and Penelope Pitstop. But you remember "the craziest race of the world?"
I reckon that I'm regressing, I continue to write posts about cartoons of the time that was, however, since Oysho replicated them in his clothing, I think I'm in good company.
It 's that kind of intimate little loved by men, just for this much loved by me, that I have the closet full.

Soon I'll tell you what other initiatives I have undertaken to avoid being flat-spotted on the pavement by a driver that I respond in kind!


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