Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which Is Better Barska Or Bushnell

Carnival! But tell me I'm not a perfect Minnie? (The height is!)

A double celebration (first birthday and Carnival) to the small Gabry. The theme: Mickey Mouse.
My goal: a beautiful mask spending very little.
Fun guaranteed.
Here I am, one of my favorite summer dresses, paired with heavy socks and long sleeved black shirt, which perfectly simulates the skin, highly versatile dancers to which I applied rosettes than those used for gifts, have remained ; perfectly attached to the end of the party, make-up very easy, in practice I had to buy only the ears and the little purse.
wonderful festival, I did all afternoon with her aunt Nanni a funny pirate.
I told you I was in pure phase of regression, are now in free fall towards the pure childhood!


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