Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which Is Better Barska Or Bushnell

Carnival! But tell me I'm not a perfect Minnie? (The height is!)

A double celebration (first birthday and Carnival) to the small Gabry. The theme: Mickey Mouse.
My goal: a beautiful mask spending very little.
Fun guaranteed.
Here I am, one of my favorite summer dresses, paired with heavy socks and long sleeved black shirt, which perfectly simulates the skin, highly versatile dancers to which I applied rosettes than those used for gifts, have remained ; perfectly attached to the end of the party, make-up very easy, in practice I had to buy only the ears and the little purse.
wonderful festival, I did all afternoon with her aunt Nanni a funny pirate.
I told you I was in pure phase of regression, are now in free fall towards the pure childhood!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Second Hand Hd Projectors For Home Theatre

I wish you all the initiatives to which I joined, and I launched. The names of the participants are not linked, anyone who would like more info, just for curiosity, write a comment and will be satisfied.

Exchange books brought to me, now closed, all of which were while I still have to receive from Franz (hello Franz, I'm not scolding, you're so dear) and Monikina (and I'll never get!). Sal
a thought for you from the corner country, me and my combined Katia (Katia is lovely combination very lucky we've heard via sms) we decided to send every 3 months and we are ready, I will put in the package also in April, being nice and done (it's my novel!)
I recently joined the Swap Spring Luisa, I have some idea, but I did not put anything into practice. The participants
play for 3 end of January have received my creations, and wrote some great posts.
I received from Maya, while waiting to receive Franz and ... HELP, I call because I can not remember to whom I wrote the comment in order to participate, maybe it's also a blog that I visit every day. Girls are terrible, who knows give me a hand Thank you!
I'm making bookmarks for the Calicanto , my initiative to promote this wonderful Bed and Breakfast and Boutique in Switzerland, hoping to stay there one day. I do not know Nicole personally, she is a blog friend. Since the blog I have received so much help for my biscuits, I decided to reciprocate with those who had perhaps need publicity.

And now my dear friends, since fat is Saturday in Milan, I'm going to disguise!
I leave you with no doubt as to which is my costume!
'll put the photos, I do not know when.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Open Crotch Wresting Suit

casual jobs in progress ... and here's how the new act stress

Dear friends, building on the advice of all, you've posted 10 comments to my post "Ilaria writer," for which I thank you enormously, I first sent an email to the editor that is still considering my manuscript, and had pledged to give me an answer at the end of March.
Here is the text: Dear Ms.

I'll contact you in early April.
You are already forming a united front to make sure buyers, through my blog
who enjoyed my first novel and I would be following in the web addirittura disposto a comprare il manoscritto in fotocopia.
Si tratta un centinaio di persone minimo.
Questo per VS. informazione riguardo il possibile esito della pubblicazione con Voi.
Grata per l'attenzione ringrazio e porgo
Cordiali saluti.
Ufficio Intrastat
(e qui casca l'asino!! Ho firmato la mail con la denominazione dell'ufficio, non ci credo, me ne sono resa conto quando l'ho copiaincollata per metterla nel blog!)
Così ho inviato una nuova mail a rettifica, sperando che la Sig.ra abbia il senso dell'umorismo!
Ai primi di aprile vi relazionerò sull'esito. Siamo al classico "o la va, o la spacca".
L'editore in questione so per certo che non chiede any compensation, or public or private. Stop.
If it were not, perhaps after the summer, we find other ways to activate, Julia will do the editing, the other will collect signatures in support, e. .. in some way try to bring home the result!