Monday, February 28, 2011

Seven Bumps On Back Of Tounge


Here we point with the list in March. To be honest I do not know if Rita would like to visit places that meant, or sites that I suggest you visit, the latter have already published the list October 27, 2010
(title places of the heart) so if you are interested, I invite you to go back to that post.
Today I will list the places that I visit here a. .. do not know when. I chose
possible destinations, nothing particularly fancy, or expensive trips to the end, I know that I will never do. You will also find small places for outings.
- Bergamo, ok do not laugh, there have never been!
- Salento, driving a bit 'longish has always scared me, but everyone is talking about a lot of good.
- Islands Jersey, had planned last summer, but the trip was already very compressed, so the jump we have indeed postponed.
- Trentino, Trentino shortbread ah my fans and Lisa Manu imagine the horror, I've never seen!
- Other tours in France, for travel by car is truly the ideal destination.
- The Aeolian Islands, Stromboli only know, and I'd like to have a holiday in June in a relaxing archipelago, visiting the other day on the boat (I suffer a terrible sea sickness so we'll see!)
- Istanbul I must go there, except that it seems to be wonderful, but it is also a journey of the heart (I'll leave you a bit 'on edge without saying why heheh).
- Norway and Finland, because I loved a lot so I know that Denmark and Sweden can not let me down.
- The Trans-Siberian railway, it's my dream forever, but I have to overcome the reluctance to share the bathroom with the other passengers.
- Gdansk, I know do not know anyone, but it is like a pearl of beautiful Krakow, which I visited with great pleasure.
- Mantua, Vigevano, always postponed, postponed, delayed.
- paesei The Baltic States: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, because it fascinates me and that's that.
And, concludere, sembra stranissimo anche a me, ma ho indicato solo due località di mare, ne voglio mettere un'altra, sono un po' indecisa...niente mete modaiole, e non mi attira per niente il Sud America.
- Le Florida Keys, (Key West) anche se pare siano frequentate solo da vecchietti statunitensi.
Ora non mi resta che iniziare a risparmiare.


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