Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dominique Simone Free Streaming

Questa sera sono passata da Stamping Dani, desideravo portarle qualcosa per ringraziarla per il meraviglioso pomeriggio hobbistico. Non volendo ripetermi, odio le cose in serie, ecco a cosa ho pensato.
Innanzittutto un  passo indietro: esistono almeno 6-containing my short story anthologies, I was in fact used to enter a contest whose prize was the publication in an anthology of stories deemed worthy. So I took one of these books, entitled "Stories from Milan," where is my story "in Milan a blood-red cocktail" that really goes back to the Paleozoic era and now it seems to me wrote this lily, while having a good storyline.
A round of raffia, a pseudo card consists of a sheet of cardboard Kitchen series (which won the same prize with Lisa fidelity) flowers with glitter embossed, folded in half where I used 2 buttons.
And finally, so even those who can live with I asked for photos, one of the clips of Cristina, which I wrote as Dany and I embossed with embossed markers. The risk of ruining the spring was high, but I remedied with a bell'adesivo, I am the queen of the adhesive, so the clip would be ready for the landfill.
Strange but true, the result of quest'accozzaglia of things is a bit 'country and I love it!
Ah is a button along the way ... a sign of lost my way a bit 'arraffazzonato of doing things.


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