Saturday, February 26, 2011

3rd Day Cipralex Diarrhea

Stress Package

I think I'm a little 'stressed. Who is not, you say?
Sure sure, I say, but also adds that in the blog enter a small part of my life so I do not show what I live.
clear signs of stress are my gestures made recently.
At Christmas I was given a mega touch screen phone, etc.. (Unsolicited gift, my cell sgrausissimo 5 years old and yet I was still working fine), well a few days ago I was at the ATM and instead of pressing the buttons on the side of the screen, tap the screen is not touch screen, complaining because not popped the money from the crack magic.
Back at the house of Julia shining, I see the bus, I hasten to be able to take certain: I have the lights faverevole eeeeeeee But no: there is no one to stop so he throws straight, stopping at a red light, I I'll show you, see me, I beseech you to let me in from the glass, but he ignores me. And I'll kick the bus, stuff that if I start suddenly stretches ...
Last night I got angry because the blender would not start, "ah sti marchinegni modern if not closed properly not start" and then realize that you have plugged into the plug of the grating, (next door) and not that of blender.
the hour di pranzo ho aperto il cassetto della tovaglia e mi sono stupita: ero sicura di aver messo i tovaglioli a lavare...poi, quando ho steso la lavatrice, ho visto che avevo lavato i portatovaglioli (di tipo vimini materiale cestinoso), lasciando i tovaglioli nel cassetto!
No, ma adesso giuro che mi riprendo...


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