Friday, February 18, 2011

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A David Nicholls day

I turned over a lot of this book in my hands before buying it. To tell the truth then I have made the offer. The plot seemed exciting, but I feared slide towards a generally too light "for him & her." As if my Shortbread were not ultra light. Vabbbbe 'get off the pulpit.
yet that David Nicholls as I whipped my head to mah. Back home, I pointed straight to the library, I saw that slut shovel it was just one of the authors of recent years is absolutely the most fun! Yes, the young singer with "The questions of Brian" had marked the summer of 2005 (along with other novels) as one of the best years of my life in terms of reading.
It was no accident, I do not think the case that just living my favorite authors, J. Coe, N. Hornby (also worthy of me I did win the Oscar for great summer in 2005) singing the praises of this young British writer, in the back cover.
And so I read it, and it was time that I am not so keen on a plot, all in all pretty simple. Emma Dexter, friends since college, chasing each other, you always think, they walk very different lives, never succeed, for over 15 years to recognize that this feeling is love that binds them.
change the background of an age that has gone very quickly, because we start from 90 years to arrive today and those who, like me, could also be reflected in the generation of the same age as the protagonists, recognize all facets di un tempo non lontanissimo eppure così diverso dal 2010.
Emma mi somiglia molto: single a lungo, svolge lavori poco soddisfacenti mentre coltiva una grande passione per la scrittura, e un'altrettanto grande convinzione di valere poco. Si mortifica nell'abbigliamento, tenta imperterrita di acculturare la gente e offre un'immagine di sè spesso petulante che poco corrisponde al suo vero "io". Dexter, al contrario, raggiunge ben presto un effimero successo: droga, alcool, splendide donne accompagnano le sue giornate e soprattutto le sue nottate. Solo quando Em&Dex riusciranno a dirsi veramente e finalmente "chi sono" la loro vita comincerà ad assomigliare a loro stessi.
Almost 500 pages that should not scare you, but to entice a very rich reading, to a surprising end.


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