Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Are Bone Spurs On Gums

Eyeko mon amour

The London Lips are proposed by the new six gloss Eyeko,
fruttatissimi and greedy. The packaging is lovely as ever and his
drawings calls to mind the wonderful London. The product is tested
Lips London Soho. A vigorous deep cherry
to cheer her lips and make your day more exciting. The
buonomuore will be part of you with that intense aroma reminiscent of the bigbabol
much of our childhood.
The consistency is very good dry lips, the life is really good
. The cost of seven euro, it may seem so, but keep in mind that
for shipment, there are no spese ed inoltre,
ricordatevi che la Eyeko con un minimo di spesa vi fa sempre un

London Lips is the brand new product from Eyeco. Amazing fruity lip gloss with a lovely packaging which reminds you of London.
I tested London Lips Soho. An energy giving cherry colour, to colour your lips and brighten you day at the same time. A lovely and rich cherry perfume, which reminds BigBabol (the chewingums of my childhood), will cheer you up immediatly.
The texture is excellent, it doesn't dry your lips, and it lasts for a long time.
The price is about 7 euros; it might seem a bit too much, but mind that there are no shipping costs and that, with a minimum charge, Eyrco will always give you gift.


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