Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Makeup For Black Hair Blue Eyes

Ogni tanto occorre scrivere un post con info tecniche, anche se dopo l'adrenalina dei 2 post precedenti significa un po' scadere.
Con l'invio da parte di Cristina http://lalberodiamberle.blogspot.com/ delle sue creazioni lo scambio libri si è concluso, Cristina infatti mi ha chiesto se fosse ancora valida la proposta è ho accettato con gioia, visto che non aveva osato farsi avanti prima per una forma di modestia. Cristina mi ha mandato delle bellissime mollettone giganti decorate e udite udite un bracciale di quelli col nome, i cui dadi compongono la scritta "frollini a colazione".
Lo indosserò sempre. Grazie cara sono molto soddisfatta.
I also thank
Monikina http://lacasadellefate-monikina.blogspot.com/
that persists in not being alive, so I decided to declare the name of those who live in has not complied with the agreements, while continuing to browse blogs undisturbed, indicating that the time is not missing. Monikina Thanks for having betrayed my trust, and showing me once again that the blogosphere is equal to the real world. No, do not tell me that I did not understand the reasons for your delay, your email is too old, but your speed of today's blogs are!

warmly thank those virtual awards grants me, (I've already thanked her friends in their blog), please do not ask me to continue publishing chains or banner, in any case having to pass the award to other blogs
you point out that my sister


because his creations are hand made of course, but his hand without any support except
glue, scissors and embosser, and their accuracy is absolutely unique!
When we lived together every now and then I asked her to cut something and I remember a train journey from Rome to Milan: her all the time to cut out paper scraps (oh no, I missed her belly +: waiting for John!) I sat opposite presumably I spent the journey to sleep, eat and read.

well http://www.volevofarelarockstar.com/

because she is a blogger that I am curious and like it too. I always leave feedback as if it were Our Lady of Lourdes and I am a pilgrim, the veneration.
(I did not want to be blasphemous, but I was a better predicament!)

In the last bar I tell you that yesterday I decided to send an email to the editor that I had guaranteed a response to my manuscript by 2 months, which expired on 14. Well he asked me to make my living at the end of March, being a little 'back with the readings.
Considering that: (it runs a mini-list)
- Manoscrittti are read by the reading committees consist of people underpaid
- many publishing houses in case of refusal does not even deign to respond
- I recently caught a small publisher, but enough of fame, which clearly says the site
"If we do not get nine months after an editorial means that we are not interested," said
considered everything, I put my heart in peace hoping that the 4 publishers who are considering, at least one is translated something.
For tonight I bored enough I would say, then roooonf rooonf (here you have fallen asleep, I knew it!)
Good Night!


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