Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kidney Stones And Referred Pain Shoulder Area

Intervention Study intensive diagnostic and SA delll'AHF

All people with SA / AHF should undergo a diagnostic study of intensive type neuropsychological / doctor, of course, suitable age and general functioning of the individual. All children (but not all adolescents and adults) with one of these diseases should be subject to the following exams:

1. testing with a WAIS (IQ tests between're ready to use and best-validated);

2. a thorough diagnostic examination by the medical point of view, including an extremely thorough physical examination (looking for signs of neurocutaneous disorders and syndromes associated phenotypes to particular physical), a culture and chromosome analysis of the PCR and a diagnostic test for brain imaging.

intensive diagnostic study from the medical point of view provides relatively few specific results: the cases in which there is a medical condition associated are probably less than 15%. In all these cases of SA / AHF in which there is a medical disorder or an underlying organic condition is essential saperlo.Di usually no way to diagnose a disorder of this kind without an intensive examination.


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