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The classification of the syndrome of autism.

Hello everyone.
Today I will explain the relationship between the syndrome of autism and thers types of personality disorders.
The debate on the status of the syndrome of autism as a separate entity is still ongoing.
E 'included in the general category of "Pervasive Developmental Disorders." The criteria require a compatible development up to three years of age with regard to normal language, self-care skills, adaptive behavior and curiosity about the environment. The other criteria are the presence of restricted interests and repetitive and stereotyped patterns of activity.
This definition is removed from the definition of Asperger's, which drew attention to the particular style of communication and social interaction. In addition, he described an initially normal development of different abilities dall'eloquio, in his first work stated that "the second year of life are already the characteristic manifestations, however, noting that parents usually do not recognize problremi if not later." Asperger also wrote that his syndrome could occur "in the less capable, even in children with severe mental retardation."
L├Čespressione "schizoid personality" appears in the "personality disorders" of the DSM-IV and in the "disorders of adult personality and behavior" of the ICD - 10. In neither system is mentioned classifiers schizoid personality disorder of childhood. the definitions of the disorder in adults consist of a series of desrizioni posters of traits: emotional detachment, resulting in preference for solitary activities, tend not to derive pleasure from activities, excessive focus on the fantasies and introspection, lack of close friendships and a marked indifference to the rules and social conventions. Does not, however, refer to the course of child development.
Though These systems have given official international classification of the existence of Asperger syndrome, are of little use for solving problems related to overlap with autism and the plight of children "schizoid" Wolff.


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