Thursday, December 18, 2008

Herpes From Trying On Clothes

distinction between Asperger Syndrome and Autism Syndrome

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In my post today will bring you some useful information to differentiate Asperger's Syndrome from autism is true that it could be confused with it.

Given that autism is the SA DGS, it follows that the two disorders should share many clinical features. These behaviors fall into the categories of impaired reciprocal social interaction, impairment of verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive and stereotyped activities. According to the tests we have, however, despite these similarities, there are several characteristics that differentiate children with SA than those with autism.

E 'now recognized that children with autism differ in level of functioning than those hight-functioning for some clinical features. Because children with AS have a definition for cognitive development "normal", the key is to distinguish them from those with autism to higher level of functioning. A review of studies published up to 1992 showed that children with AS are often verbal, are less frequently delayed echolalia and pronominal reversal, show no signs of impairments in social interaction each other but are more often bizarre obsessions.


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