Friday, December 19, 2008

Testical Pains When You Touch It

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Autism shows a frequency of 7 to 16 cases per 10,000 births. Hight Functioning Autism (high functioning autism / AHF), ie when the autistic child have good cognitive skills, affects only a fraction (11/34%) of these cases. Thus, the prevalence is probabilm institution less than one in 2,000 children in the general population, at least if defined according to current criteria for autistic disorder or infantile autism, plus an IQ equal to or greater than 65.

The relationship between the sexes is both unbalanced in 'AHF in SA. In a recent review of 16 population-based studies on autism that met the stringent criteria for inclusion in a mata - analysis, and Wing (1992) and Gillberg (1995) found that attendance was not large male How much does it previously thought and was closer to the ratio 2 to 3 males for every female in the relationship, often cited, of 4 to 5 males per female. However, for the AHF, it is likely that it affects many more males.
The reasons to explain the different frequency dell'AHF and SA in the two sexes relate to:
Genetic factors, which explains the maggiore frequenza del disturbo nei maschi;
Danno cerebrale (che si osserva più o meno con la stessa frequenza in maschi e femmine) nelle persone cn disabilità grave, che spiegherebbe i rapporti maschio : femmina più bassi in questo sottogruppo;
Differenze negli stili cognitivi e sociali generali di maschi e femmine, che farebbero sì che i primi abbiano forse più spesso delle femmine uno stile caratterizzato da minore empatia e che, in presenza di problemi di questo tipo, siano meno dotati di abilità di "mimetizzazione" sociale.


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