Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Masterbate After Wisdom?


Hello everyone!

today in my new post I will give a careful definition and specification (taken from a book I read, entitled "The Special Friend"), Asperger's syndrome so that it is useful to an educator for the possible "diagnosis."

"Asperger syndrome / SA is a constellation of behaviors characterized by interactions cosiali unusual diffficoltà verbal and nonverbal communication and strong interest arguments for very limited. This condition is currently classified as Pervasive Developmental Disorder / DGS DGS and shares with other impairments in social interaction with each other, qualitative impairments in communication and a framework of repetitive activities and stereotyped. the disorder is "the General since the difficulties of extending to all Waits child's life, is also a developmental disability with an early onset of symptoms and a pattern that changes with aging."

(from "The Special Friend", Carlo Hanau, Peccioli (PI) 2006).


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