Friday, January 2, 2009

What To Eat When Sore Stomach

There are currently no treatments that can "heal" or dall'AHF SA, and is also questionable the same intention to pursue a full recovery. If some individuals with AS, without having to endure great personal suffering, they come to become creative adults (at least within a very limited) contributing to the development of their field, it might even be unethical to talk of "treatment" (ie, an intervention that transform the individual into a "normal" person). However, in many cases at least school age and adolescence, the suffering of the individual directly concerned and his family is definitely a strategy that requires the management of some sort.
1. Initial assessment: Dignos correct, essential to an understanding of the disorder and an optimal intervention.
2. Neuro intensive diagnostic study.
3. Intervention training and information with all the family.
4. Working with the family.
5. Practical and financial support to the family.
6. Schooling for the opaziente.
7. Physical education (social and motor skills exercise generic).
8. Social skills for some groups of adolescents and adults
9. Pharmacotherapy, in a minority of cases.
10. Psychotherapy (ACSI in some specific SA).
11. Behavior modification.
12. Adopting a perspective of long-term management.
13. Integration of different interventions: Licensing team.


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