Saturday, January 24, 2009

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Social interaction

Hello everyone!
today in my post I will help you understand how the disaglio led to a situation of autism is not only a problem for the autistic person in itself, but also for the whole group of people around this person!

It 's impossible to observe an interaction or a disability on a person's social isolation. because propio called "social impairment involving more than one person. people with autism and their families feel a sense of frustration when trying to understand, to communicate and interact effectively. The confusion and feelings of embarrassment and misunderstanding are not only tested by people with autism, but also by parents, teachers, friends.

to improve social interaction, methods and materials should involve both elements of the report. first of all, parents and teachers must be helped to understand the person with SA / AHF, which in turn must be helped to understand the myriad of interactions and events that punctuate his life.


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