Saturday, March 7, 2009

White Strips Causing Sores On Gums

But damn it!

Dal sito Tgcom:

Bancomat mad, money for all

Bari, delivers 12 hours of surplus money

of an ATM cash machine is jammed in Bari, and for 12 hours, has provided money in excess of customer demand. So, who typed 50 €, you could leave notes for greater amount, and often twice. The fact was reported to the 113 only when a customer is seen delivering less than the desired figure. The police immediately contacted the director of the subsidiary finding that the malfunction.

The office manager was unable however to estimate how much more money has been paid by Friday. For a precise calculation will have to wait for Monday, the reopening of the offices.

The news of the failure of the machine, however, soon spread among the population and it seems that many customers have benefited from the error. If the machine will be able to recognize their generality, the bank should be able to go back to customers that have grossed more than required to obtain a refund of amounts paid in excess or scale the figures in more from their bank account.

But I say, not in Palermo, eh? Marina Square door maybe ...


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