Monday, March 16, 2009

Men Brazilian Wax Image

I stand here, I do not go away. I have so many stories tied to this place, like a thousand hugs framed. The construction my life has seen these campaigns, these roads, the seasons of the sky and all eyes and smiles that have accompanied me.
I'm staying here, I do not go away. I shake my head who pushes me, who invites me to extend the step, as I was the inhabitant of a cave forgotten by the world. I understand the love, I understand the friendship, I know my hands shake, and each fresh sheet on his back.
But I stay here, do not go away. I do not deserve this ticket, despite my discomfort. I am not the bad mistakes in this show. Not me.
I look out, I count the cars, use your shoes over my neighborhood, call home, so good, waiting for tomorrow, ladle coins in his pocket.
Now I'm here, with what I have as I can. My roots are suffering, but not death. My mood is trembling, but I'm not dead.
I'm a fool, yes, but I'm staying here and not going away.


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