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How to conclude a CCF

the CCF concludes with a summary and identification of new solutions to the situation. first of all, the adult and the student summarize the situation by reviewing the shape of their conversation, beginning with the events before and proceeding in sequence. At this point the procedure reserves a short time, identifying the most relevant aspects of the situation and encouraging the students to see "the whole picture." Some students have a tendency to repeat the whole conversation word for word while tracing all the designs one by one. If this happens, the adult numbers the most important elements and asks the student to review the situation by limiting the feedback to the parties. The synthesis of visual prominence to the most relevant facts of a sitazione and "puts things together" before identify new solutions to the problem. With a visual representation of the difficult situation in front of the eyes, "take out" new behaviors that potrabbero be implemented. The fact that we design new ways to handle a difficult situation helps the student to become familiar with a new skill before you use it and put at its disposal an image to which it may refer in the future. The ideas they can also be entered under a list, in which case you check solutions are not feasible and will prepare a plan for the next time the situation arises. If the student fails to come up with effective solutions independently, the parent / teacher offers some hypotheses and explains how, by applying them, the situation could change. In some cases it is not possible to list or draw new solutions and is more useful that the parent or teacher to write a social history for the student on the basis of information from the CCF. Sometimes it requires attention to some solution, so that it becomes inadvisable or unnecessary conversation and go over the list of new solutions.

Designs can be stored in a notebook staff or as illustrations to accompany the social stories, creating an encyclopedia of personal information important social.


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