Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Does It Mean Servuce Disbled

The words that I never said

Reading for understanding:

The truth is that nobody in the world has good reason to believe that Jesus rose from the dead or that Muhammad spoke to the angel Gabriel in a cave . Whoever you think you know for sure that Jesus was born of a virgin or that the Quran is the perfect world of the creator of the universe is lying. Or is he lying to himself or to anyone else. ... What would you do if I told you that I am sure that the cells of my body to be an even number? What are the chances that I am in a position to really have counted my cells, and that has counted correctly? Perhaps it would be unfair (Or worse, "intolerant") of you to dismiss my statement as the product of a simple self-deception or dishonesty? Note that this statement has a 50% chance of being true (unlike claims about virgin birth and resurrection), yet is completely ridiculous. Some claims to knowledge - even facts that have a high probability of being true - immediately put to shame their supporters as intellectually dishonest.


So what I'm saying, and I support in my book, is that we should become intolerant of dishonesty, in conversations that we do. I do not mean we need new laws. All we need is a standard of intellectual honesty, in which those who claim to be certain of one thing that clearly can not know the conversations are pressed, put into difficulty. You see, everything would be resolved. If we treated all those who speak of God in the Senate as if they had just spoken about Poseidon ... I mean, imagine: we have all these hurricanes in the Gulf, and imagine that some senator say that in reality we must all pray to Poseidon, who, after all, that is its jurisdiction, that the ocean is picking up our cities. Clearly this would be the end the political career of that person.

(Sam Harris)

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