Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Burn Marks On Le Creuset

Loneliness and isolation are not the same thing! Social stories

Nel libro "Malinconia", scritto da Eugenio Borgna, che affronta appunto the subject of autism, you can read the following statements:

"... Autism as a metaphor for loneliness and how its expression unmistakable: there is that autism is not on this path inostenibile loneliness.

... The human reality and clinical autism varies dramatically from the situation as an existential loneliness, isolation as a psychopathological state. "
( Melancholy, "by E. Borgna, 2002, Feltrinelli Editore, IIedizione).

I'm not quite agree with the views expressed by the writer.

First loneliness and isolation are two very different concettoi between them. Loneliness is an experience of a waiver, you search for something, while the isolation is the experience of loss, isolation is the victim. It always has to do with estranizaione man in the world and with the human world in general.

Autism touches the themes of loneliness, but touches on the theme of isolation arid.


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