Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dress Preservation Hanging

symbols and designs in a CCF

symbols and designs in a CCF, should be simple and representative. Persons are used to represent stylized human figures and to show buildings and objects using a few strokes esenziali.
avoiding any drawings that contain extraneous details or to implement the required amount of time that the particular artistic works to the detriment of the final end of the conversation. These drawings are not colored so that no confusion with the use of colors to represent the states of mind.
Students can be encouraged to add details to the drawing identification, which most of the figurative elements pregananza entered. This "personalization" can give more meaning to a conversation but should be used only to the extent that do not require a lot of time so as to slow the flow of the dialogue. The distinctive characteristics
chosen by the student are often different from those that would choose a parent / teacher, which in this case might have some difficulty in following a CCF. To reduce confusion to a minimum, the student and the parent / teacher can develop a personal dictionary of symbols, a coherent set of symbols, individualized for use as a reference during each CCF, noting that the dictionary of symbols personal each student is continually expanding.


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