Thursday, June 10, 2010

Freesingle Deck Pinochle Online

prevent citizens to receive accurate information

indignita.Ieri are against the gag law information (
and the judiciary) had the Yes of the Senate.

We are again faced with a legislative provision is to impact on Internet media, without taking into account its specificity.
We are talking about paragraph 28 of Article 1 of the draft law about the "Rules on wiretaps, telecommunication and environment", on which the Government has placed a vote of confidence yesterday. This rule is intended to extend to "information sites" procedures for correction of information deemed false or damaging the reputation of those involved, so far applied to traditional media. " Basically a blogger amateur responsibility shall be deemed as the director of any national newspaper. The use of the generic term "information sites" very worrying, because it appears to include both those who produce content, whether they are professionals (eg online newspapers) or simple users (for example, amateur blogger) both platforms that host such content, such as search engines, platforms, user-generated content like YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook. For site managers, pages amateur websites and blogs should not be required fulfillment of its media business, and then out of proportion to activities of a non-profit amateur or otherwise.


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