Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Does Ringworm Look On A Puppy

Italy and work

Internet population, in spite of what our Prime Minister has, Italy is in crisis black. I'll tell you the story in call center, one of many born in our Sardinia, although they live on tourism, can provide employment opportunities through activities totally far from what our resources could offer.

As we know, the management company does not always work, and VOL2 is the result of several disastrous management. Easily lost count of how many "corporate crisis," she has gone through and how many managers have encountered.

However, the situation has not changed, indeed has reached a point that one hundred employees, still not seen credited salary in the bank.

What most worries the workers and that the current owner (great speaker) think is a little bit; Liori Sebastian, manager of Omega.

you are wondering who is Liori. It tells you something Eutelia?

Born to be one of the telecommunications giant, the company has gradually lost strength, and was sold to Agile in turn bought by the Omega Group. An operation that has raised many suspicions. The fuss was raised when two thousand employees of the Omega, the end of October, received a letter announcing the initiation of procedures for mobility. Hence the suspicion that the judiciary in Milan think that behind the sale of Eutelia there is something lacking in transparency. Not only that. The same Eutelia is the focus of another investigation initiated by the Prosecutor of Arezzo and sees ten investigated for tax fraud. Among them, several members of the Landi family, founders of Eutelia. (Unione Sarda Saturday, December 2009)

Any comment on it would be superfluous. Oh that is beautiful our generation, business call centers, who make up the 187, not even imagine that the other side could respond one of these young workers vol2, and so while the customer claims the malfunction of the ADSL network, a mother crying because he has no salary.

law to have a home and a family: pura utopia. Unica certezza : L'INCERTEZZA.


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