Friday, January 29, 2010

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Oh yes the years pass, more or less happy memories mark our lives, the lines will appear and I am not referring to those of expression, the force of gravity lies on our poor breasts making "relax." So after the third invariably there is nostalgia for the time that was .. that will make the climate in Sardinia as "London" and the nostalgia seems to go with the wedding aa ' dull, but my thoughts run fast back in time.

So I have to shake this momentary apathy! Listening to the radio, but the screams of neighbors dominate the music. Dear old ...... education will be the walls of modern buildings made of cardboard or my neighbors who have animal-like treble? But I do not want to lose in these ruminations.

I return to my memories ... I do not know why but I remember the good old TV. That, some naive, who accompanied my afternoons. And who, like me, who spent his childhood in the 80, will broadcast in the heart simple but at the same time in the Corrado divertenti.Vi remember lunch is served, the superclassifies of telegattone ? We expect the 80 children with anxiety Bim Bum Bam, the one with the cute snowman and Piolo UAN (Paolo Bonolis) and all those cartoons where the innocence was still casa.Potrei go on and on with the cartoons of the time.

know a little girl was following with interest the Forum, I liked the air of sly Saints Licheri court, its judgments that ultimately gave life lessons, and that his act quickly articles law. Now after 25-year career sent him into retirement ... and all in perfect sordina.Stessa fate for my other favorite, the master Pregadio Roberto, who has gone away even from thousands of controversy and some resentment.

Moreover, the TV trash needs space, noise, gossip, morbidity. Now we want to train "voyeurism" TV ..

has finally stopped raining. The window is still wet from rain drops that make the cheeky view of the city a little bit more nebulous.

Fortunately, my thoughts are not blurred and I still vagarci.

Best wishes Streghetta


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