Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peri-menopause Tubal Ligation

Stefano Cucchi

Domani sarà la commemorazione dei defunti. Ognuno di noi rivolgerà un pensiero a un caro estinto. Ma non è della morte che voglio parlarvi. Almeno non della morte che avviene per cause naturali. Stefano Cucchi says anything to you? A name and a surname any think.
Stefano died, for reasons yet to be ascertained, Sandro Pertini hospital Oct. 22. He had thirty-one years. A strange story from the dark side. The young man arrested on the evening of Oct. 15 for possession of drugs is found in the hospital who died Oct. 22 after Sandro Pertini. In his broken body signs of bruises and injuries. Unexplained causes of death. At the moment it has been suggested the crime of involuntary manslaughter and is conducting an investigation, but I find it absurd, however, that no one has the honesty to take responsibility for what happened and is even more absurd that a young man Good health should be returned to the family lying on a morgue table. Meanwhile, work continues to buck, police accused the prison service and vice versa, doctors have warned Pertini Hospital, with a report attached to the medical record, the magistrate of the difficulty in managing the patient's condition, that it would take a negative attitude towards treatments. In short, blame despicable. We all, as Italian citizens want the truth We are tired of lies, half-truths, of violence, cover-ups. Those who have soiled their hands with the blood of Stephen has to pay. STOP THE VIOLENCE.

Online only for adult audiences will not be difficult to find images of the poor Stefano.


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