Monday, July 13, 2009

Dogs With Poultry Allergies

blog strike

For the first time in the history of the Net, blogs observe July 14 a day of silence to protest - along with journalists from newspapers, television stations and sites intenet - against the decree Alfano. "It is not adherence to the strike of journalists, but a protest from the Italian Network against a measure that will have the effect of discouraging the use free blogs and content sharing platforms, "said in a statement the initiators, bloggers and journalists, and Enzo Alessandro Gilioli Frenna and computer law professor Guido Scorza.

protest the "silence" also joins the blog of the leader IDV, Antonio Di Pietro: "On July 14, will join the strike against the gag bloggers to eavesdropping and information, sponsored by the criminal law of the minister Alfano, and against the norm of the right of reply within 48 hours for all sites, according renamed the Network kills the Internet. "

Instead of the usual post, blogging Italian release only a banner of protest against the decision, "particularly against that part which stifle freedom of the Net on the pretext of the obligation to rectify." Accessions in what has been dubbed the day of "noisy silence of the blog is collected on the Right to Network site

" Bloggers - the statement said promoters - are already fully responsible in terms of criminal offenses of any of insult, libel or other: there is no need to introduce sanctions for unsustainable "citizen journalist". We call on blogs and Italian sites - ends - to make a day of silence, with a logo that will explain the reasons in the day when newspapers and television have fallen silent. You a signal to all those who do notice that, together, say to power: "We do not gag us'."


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