Monday, June 1, 2009

Roketa Street Legal Dune Buggy

Autism unfounded theories.

As with all disorders unknown etiology in this case, imaginative and wonderful theories flourish. The enigma of the autistic child locked up in their own world is a challenge irresistible to amateur psychologists. They are attempts to base their responses on a few facts and a few observations. Any adequate theory of autism must be compatible with what we know about brain development. Theories that consider autism an emotional maladjustment, or a form of mental illness have grown obsolete. Autism is caused by abnormalities in brain development. They are thin and limited only to certain mental functions, and in addition, only certain aspects of them. Most of the capacity to manipulate objects and perceive the world through the senses is normal, as also are the ability to formulate abstract concepts, classify eveneti, understand spatial relationships, causes and effects, make logical inferences. Autism is a mystery so that the missing ingredient is something subtle that even the basic symptoms of social interaction and communication, there is a fair amount of expertise. This ingredient has subtle and often elusive propio what a good theory of autism must identify and explain.


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