Friday, November 28, 2008

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The game between peers

Salve a tutti!!
Oggi, a scuola materna, ho potuto osservare attentamente come Z. I. abbia iniziato a giocare in modo armonico con gli altri bambini (con uno in particolare), quando, fino all'anno scorso, preferiva giocare da solo, isolato.
Credo che molti dei suoi miglioramenti visibilmente osservabili, siano stati proprio "aiutati" da questa sua interazione con gli altri bambini della sua sezione.
Coinvolgere un coetaneo può fornire, infatti, l'opportunità to teach the child with autism to observe and learn from the behavior of other children, responding to social bids of peers and begin to support a child interaction - child. Teach a child with autism to learn from interaction with peers, however, can be a real challenge. Many researchers have shown that not just only a "physical proximity" with peers to promote positive interaction between the child with autism and his peers. Note that many autistic children do not become "social" simply spending time with their neurotypical peers, but the socialization depends on the teacher gives instructions to both the child with autism than neurotypical that must explain how to interact with the partner.
Again, therefore, competent educators will be able to give the right instructions in order to transform the simple interplay between peers in a benefit, a stimulus for growth and maturation for the autistic!


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